For many of us, pets are fury family members, surrogate children, purring confidants, and a nonjudgmental support system that buoys our spirits. What a gift that they also return our love!

If a single cat provides these benefits, two or more multiplies the pleasure. Sharing your home with more than one fur-kid offers the best of all possible worlds, allowing you and your family to experience the myriad personalities cats represent. Having more than a single cat means more work, but the benefits are worth it.

Cats come in an amazing array of looks and personalities so you can always find the right match when adding a new kid to your family. Many pets develop strong, loving relationships with each other. A confident pet can help bring a shy one out of her shell, while high energy youngsters give stuck-in-the-mud older animals a fun kick in the tail.

Sharing your home with a clowder of cats means all the humans in the house have a good chance of finding their ‘heart cat’ able to share not only love, but even special interests. For instance, artistic owners relish the introspection and inspiration of a furry muse. A variety of people-pet activities are available such as feline agility that increases the pleasure for both you and your pets.


+ Different generation one pleasure! 

There are several reasons for the current surge in multiple pet families. You may be “adopted” by a stray mother cat with a litter on the way, and end up keeping some or all of the offspring. But most likely, the makeup of your human family evolves, prompting change in the pet count.

Blended families combine pets from both households when couples re-marry—his cats and her kittens. A newly divorced adult child may return home and bring her feline friend to join your existing pet family. Situations in which a single adult family member or friend becomes ill or dies may leave you to care for the pets. More and more, owners unexpectedly find themselves unprepared to face these situations, since they never anticipated having to deal with interspecies or multiple pet relationships.

Cats seem to fulfill a more spiritual need, and appeal to our introspective side. Because they do not require outdoor exercise or bathroom breaks, cats may be more convenient for less active people or those who must spend long periods of time away from home. Felines may not be able to jog with an owner, but they promote emotional health benefits as well as dogs do.

+ More Pets more Fun!

More pets double the fun, but also increase the potential for problems, today more than ever before. Historically, owners living in rural communities enjoyed feline companionship with few conflicts, since cats spent a large percentage of their time in the back yard, the barn or the field. That dynamic changed when pets moved into the family room, and were asked to co-exist.

It would be ideal if all our cats loved each other at first sight, played nicely together, and read our minds so they never made behavior mistakes. The truth is all owners of multiple pets will be faced with minor-to-major behavior problems. If you’re experiencing problems, you are not alone!

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